Samuel Lewek
Art Director & Motion Designer


Title sequence & visual system (2D/3D)
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
36 sec
4K, DCP, 7.1

DIN main-on-end title sequence — capturing the synergy of technological standardization and human movement for the animated short“Dancing in Norms” that explores how technical standards shape the way we move.

The design contrasts simple 2D shapes with the fluidity of human movement, using animated patterns to represent these standards alongside 3D characters. The animation is driven by custom-recorded motion capture data, which was then transformed in processing into animated patterns and text boxes that dynamically interact with the dancing 3D characters, turning code into moving visuals.
A poster series explaining the structure of the characters

Art direction: Samuel Lewek
Visual system: Luca Carubia & Samuel Lewek
Creative coding: Victor Heckle
Motion graphics: Luca Carubia & Victor Heckle
Animated poster: Luca Carubia & Samuel Lewek

The pattern animation of the animated poster is based on a Cavalry setup by Nicholas Bertini.

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling & Alexander Hanowski.
A production by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH.

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