Samuel Lewek
Art Director & Motion Designer


Audiovisual performance, 3D
Live visuals
Kunstmuseum StuttgartBix Jazzclub
60 min (live concert)
Projection on translucent mesh

Dix meets Bix — A resampling of Otto Dix's triptych “Großstadt” (1928) in an audiovisual performance in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, the Bix Jazzclub and the musician Nicolas Buvat.

“Dix meets Bix” is a reinterpretation of Otto Dix's (1891-1969) masterpiece that captures the dynamism of the Roaring Twenties and brings it into the present. The iconic triptych vividly depicts the contrasts of the era, from the opulence of the Weimar Republic's jazz-fueled bourgeoisie to the marginalized groups of wounded war veterans and prostitutes.

By fusing compositions inspired by famed jazz cornetist Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931) with live visuals inspired by Dix, the project aims to create a multi-sensory experience that bridges the gap between Dix's social commentary and the energetic spirit of 1920s jazz (which Dix also listened to while working). Like fragile sculptures that twist and distort to reflect the contrast between beauty and ugliness, the visuals focus on the central figures and vivid textures of the painting, recreating them in a contemporary 3D space.

Art direction and shading: Samuel Lewek
Sculpting and texturing: Rebecca Zahor
Animation: Samuel Lewek
Touchdesigner setup: Rebecca Zahor
Animation support: Leon Monschauer, 
Tatjana Theuer and Chantale Eglin
Making of trailer: Chantale Eglin

Composition and musical direction: Nicolas Buvat
Musicians: Nicolas Buvat (double bass), Samuel Restle (trombone),
Elias Kiefer (piano) and Felix Eckenfelder (percussion)

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart: Christian Bornefeld
BIX Jazzclub: David Wilcke

Thanks to Mini Schulz, Arndt Wirth, Holger Fleck, Bernd-Siegfried Michalek, Aline Müller, Michael Müller, as well as the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, and BIX Jazzclub for making this project possible!

This project was supported by the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart & the BIX Jazzclub.

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