Samuel Lewek
Art Director & Motion Designer


Catalog, animated loops
Graduation project
Hochschule Wismar
24x16 cm
144 pages
Softcover with a screen printed, linen dust jacket

Im Trüben — Metaphors: Speaking volumes with few words. Samuel Lewek's thesis, presented in the form of a book and a supporting micro-exhibition, delves into metaphors that originated in now obsolete physical activities.

“The German metaphors ‘Im Trüben fischen’* and ‘Seine Felle wegschwimmen sehen’**, among others, come from past eras. They are rooted in physical or analogous activities and professions that no longer exist. The book also offers an interesting tension between the present and the past in its design. In doing so, it breathes new life into centuries-old metaphors that are still present in today's language. A micro-exhibition of movable objects playfully accompanies the theme.”

*     “Fishing in troubled waters”: This German metaphor illustrates the act of taking advantage of a chaotic or unclear situation. Its translation lacks the historical nuance of fishing in murky waters, metaphorically refering to finding opportunity in confusion.

**    “Seeing one's furs swim away” – equivalent to “watching one's hopes get dashed”: This German phrase refers to the feeling of losing an opportunity or watching helplessly as one’s fortunes dwindle. Historically, it refers the loss of valuable furs to water.

The collection is complemented by animated loops on selected metaphors, which can be played and experienced “physically” through analog apparatuses.

Poster for the self-initiated exhibition “Konfekt” (German for “candy”) in July 2020.

Word taken from the AED Neuland jury statement.
Supervised by Prof. Olaf Fippinger & Richard Stickel.
Music (clip of analog aparatuses) by Analogik.

Thanks to Rebekka Jochem, Jonas Lewek, Rebecca Osterberg, Martina Peters and Katja Maria Lewek! This project would not have been possible without you.

Hochschule Wismar

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AED Neuland Award (recognition)

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